90. Success Story: Overcoming Your Victim Mindset and Reframing the Stories That Keeps You Playing it Small with Megan Rose

Higher Self & I

13-06-2022 • 43 mins

Are you laying around in a funk, feeling sorry for yourself, and wondering why everyone else is “overtaking” you? A bit targeted? In today’s episode, we take a peep into Megan Rose who helps coaches master their mindset and energy + activate their unique gifts so they can AMPLIFY their magnetism and sign consistent clients without convincing energy.

This gorgeous mumma takes us on the journey from being constantly overwhelmed and lost to signing consistent clients with a bub on the way! Need someone to call you out? Get ready because we are going to help you to get out of your own way, quit playing it small, and feel empowered to step into your power and really go for that dream life you want!

In this episode we cover:

- Megan’s struggle story and how she rose out of her funk

- The turning point for Megan that took her rock bottom to signing consistent clients

- Megan’s biggest mindset and energy shift

- How to work with both feminine flow and masculine structure harmoniously

- How motherhood was the best thing to happen for her business

- How we keep leveling up even when battling the mindset wobbles

- The importance of bounce-back ability and the edge it gives to entrepreneurs

- Interviewing Megan on her business as a Mindset and Energy Coach

- The transformations Megan gets to witness with her clients

- Megan’s tips on how to find your power when you’re feeling stuck

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