85. Struggling to Follow Through Consistently When it Comes to Showing Up In Your Power Online

Higher Self & I

09-05-2022 • 27 mins

Like all fleeting moments, motivation comes and goes. So, how do we show up in our power online consistently to be there for our community and attract clients with ease? By doing the work! Want to know a secret? Consistency is not your issue. The real issue is battling your limiting beliefs and realising that this skill is not going to happen overnight. Ready to find out what is standing in your way to showing up powerfully online?

Today we dive into how you can really start to create that attraction through visibility in showing up consistently online. I share exercises to help you understand how important this aspect of business really is for your success. Your clients and leads shouldn’t have to miss out on the impact, knowledge and your mission because of the limiting beliefs that are standing in your way. It’s time to break the barriers once and for all, so you can step into your power and start showing up consistently online in a way that aligns with you.

Today we chat about:

- The two key elements that you will need to hold you in that consistency

- The main question my clients ask me about showing up online

- The part consistency plays in fostering the know, like, and trust factor

- The three major ways I see people fall off the bandwagon when it comes to showing up online

- What is the biggest limiting belief when it comes to showing up in your power online

- Exercises to help you rewrite your subconscious and gain the confidence you will need

- How I became consistent to create the success that I have and how you can set yourself up for success too!

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