87. Here's Why You Feel You Are Showing Up But No One Is Listening

Higher Self & I

23-05-2022 • 19 mins


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Hello? Is anyone there? You might be asking this question as you send yet another social media post into the Universe with little to no engagement. You’ve been a busy bee ticking every box under the sun when it comes to showing up online. You’re posting regularly on social media, you’re showing your face, you’re promoting your services in the mix and you’ve spent A LOT of time on this… and yet, it feels like no one is listening. You’re getting tumbleweeds.

I’m going to show you how to get in the right mindset so you can start showing up and implement some strategies to get your ideal clients to start noticing.

In today’s episode we chat about:

- How to reframe the way you’re showing up to maximize conversions

- Knowing your ideal clients and truly speaking to them through your content

- Getting in tune with your feelings and bringing those vibrations up, up, up!

- Unlocking your belief system so you can catapult to the next level

- Educating your audience in a more connective way and avoiding the fluff

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