84. Success Story: How to Overcome Your Mindset Blocks to Scale Your Online Business with Justine Dolores

Higher Self & I

02-05-2022 • 43 mins

Entrepreneurship isn’t always smooth sailing. It is very up and down and has its ebbs and flows. So how do you deal with the different seasons and all those mindset blocks of running your own business?

I’m chatting with my gorgeous client and my very own Podcast Manager, Justine Dolores on how she went all in with investing into her mindset so that she could push past those nasty mindset blocks that come with entrepreneurship. Justine shares her story, her beautiful inner transformation from where she was to where she is now and how her business has accelerated in the past year since we’ve been working together. We also dive into the powerful world of podcasting, how it can help grow your business and the first steps to take if you’ve been on the fence about starting a podcast of your own.

In today’s episode we chat about:

- Dealing with imposter syndrome and the tools you can use to help bounce back from challenging times

- Techniques to help you gain the confidence to show up on Instagram Stories to become a client magnet attractor

- How Justine gained consistent clients through Instagram

- Why building a team of support will allow you to step into that CEO power

- Why a podcast can be a powerful tool for growing your business

- Ways to amplify your podcast for lead generation

- How to know what content to be creating for your podcast

- What first steps to take when starting your podcast

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