91. How I Made INCONSISTENT Clients a Thing of the Past

Higher Self & I

20-06-2022 • 28 mins


Remember that feeling bubbling inside when you signed your very first client? Remember the mixture of excitement, awe, and absolute shock…to only be met with some major dread and fear not too long after? What now? Where is the next one? I’m sure you know the feeling of seeing the 20th of the month creep up and feeling gutted that you haven’t signed another client. Then one month would go by, maybe two, and wondering when will inconsistent clients become a thing of the past!

And it really can be! Buckle up because in this episode I dive into what is keeping you in the inconsistent client bucket and how you can make your way out and never question yourself or the health of your business again. The question is, are you ready to apply the magic step that got me from where I was to hitting big money months? I sure hope so!

In today’s episode we chat about:

- Reflecting on my journey from the very start to where I am now

- How to reach the big money months

- How to step into the person you want to be NOW

- What is stopping you from being your higher self

- How to quantum leap and reach the next level of success

- How to tap into the feelings of what it looks like to quantum shift into your new reality

- A visualization guiding you on how to create the feeling of your success without the external

- The magic step to getting consistent clients

- The tips on how to embody the authority and message to attract your ideal client

- The difference major between consistency with no direction and curating your targeted messaging consistently

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