96. When Are You Going to Let Go of Your 'Struggling Business Owner' Story? and Stand in the Authority Through Your Content

Higher Self & I

25-07-2022 • 24 mins


Have you ever felt so comfortable with being miserable? I used to be just like you, my guilty pleasure was actively searching for people who were in my space and truly smashing it. This would make me feel very sorry for myself and I became addicted to the struggle and the struggling business owner story because it felt a lot easier to be here and blame the external than to put in the effort to make the changes needed from within so I could go full force into that CEO mindset and actually be fricken happy every single day.

If you are currently asking yourself constantly, “This is never going to happen for me.” “I am never going to be able to achieve what I desire” then I’m here to show you the way I got through it myself. We can throw away our victim mindset and instead learn how to get out of that current reality, how to create our new success story, and adopt the tangible actions that will allow us to shed our limiting beliefs and go after the life we’ve always dreamed of! You’ve got this beauty! And remember there is no first place in the entrepreneur space so hold your space in the most powerful way I know you can!

In today’s episode we chat about:

- The lowest moment in my life and my mental health journey

- The patterns that I played from struggling actor to struggling business owner

- How we get stuck in the victim mindset and why we think the victim mindset is safer

- How I tackled my addiction with the struggling business owner mindset

- What happens when you live in that struggling business owner's energy

- What every business owner will still struggle with whether they are starting out or a high-brow coach

- How to find your patterns in order to move through them

- Prompts about what behaviours to stop in order to reach your higher self

- What my limiting beliefs used to be and how they are now

- Tips on what to do when you feel triggered

- The difference between coming from a place of empowerment rather than a place of lack

- How to rewrite your story on a cellular level

- Why I truly started my business

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