98. REPLAY: Anything That Changes You Needs To Be Done Consistently

Higher Self & I

08-08-2022 • 28 mins

Living in this day and age, it's becoming a lot easier to step into wanting things done instantly. Social media, technology, and societal norms have led us to believe that this is normal. However, when it comes to creating change in your life, the tortoise always wins the race. This doesn’t mean that it will take years to create change and achieve your goals, but adopting the mentality that what we do frequently really affects our frequency will help set the tone and get you stepping into your higher self before you know it! Consistency is more than just a buzzword. It is the key that unlocks many doors for you.

In this episode, I take you on a guided tour of how to make the most powerful changes to your career, your health, and your life! You can use these tools and techniques to tap into who you really want to be. I will take you from making a goal one day and within a week or two allowing yourself to get complacent or forget about it altogether. Instead, let’s learn how to create the path of least resistance so that you can show up consistently and step into your power like never before!

In today’s episode we chat about:

- The common mistake when it comes to creating goals

- How long it takeS for my clients to see powerful result

- The obstacles you will face when you are stepping into your higher self

- How to create the path of least resistance when it comes to change

- How to create consistency on social media

- How to reach big money months and sign consistent clients

- I guide you through a visualisation exercise to tap into the thoughts, feelings, and behaviour that will create that consistency you crave for, now

- What break state means and how we use it to push through your mental blocks

- How the ego can create self-sabotage

- How to listen in and be aware of how you feel and think when you're aiming to achieve your goals

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