uROk Secret Rockpool - A Guided Meditation With Sari - Relax, Heal, Sleep

uROk Sleeping, Healing & Uplifting Meditations

Mar 29 2018 • 34 mins

Enjoy a relaxing, meditative mind journey as you travel, guided by Sari Mustonen-Kirk, through an ancient forest to your very own secret rock pool. Experience deep healing and renewal for your mind, body and soul as you bathe in the mystical waters. Be lulled to sleep by the ambient sounds and awaken refreshed and revitalised. uROk Guided Meditations with Sari are enjoyed by audiences across the Resources, Maritime Service, Financial Services, Aged Care and Hospitality sectors. Our guided meditations are available in select hospitals, schools and higher learning organisations. We provide our signature range of subjects covering sleep, healing, communications, confidence, relationships and more and can also create bespoke offerings for our corporate partners and third party distributors. Contact us today with details of your Corporate Wellness Program needs or get in touch to discuss third party distribution and co-marketing opportunities. We look forward to working with you. In the meantime, find a quiet and comfortable place to enjoy uROk Secret Rockpool - A Guided Meditation with Sari.

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