Episode 12: How Do I Change My Life, Lose Weight, Find Love? New Years Resolutions For Any Time Of The Year

uROk Sleeping, Healing & Uplifting Meditations

Aug 11 2020 • 10 mins

Join uROk podcast host Sari Mustonen-Kirk as she shares simple but powerful thought shifts that can set you off on your new life path with confidence and conviction.  This is a repost from 2014 when we were still recording from our home studio with our old website. Content is great but pops are a bit off putting - apols. Links to the inventories will come in the next episode along with a free download of uROk 33 Day Challenge.  Our new series, set to launch in September is all recorded from our shiny new purpose built studio. New guided meditations include ‘I Love You’, ‘Cellular Wisdom Healing’, ‘Compassion and Forgiveness’ and ‘Gratitude and Joy’. Can't wait to share all of the new goodness with you.  In the meantime, check out the two guided meditations, uROk To Sleep, and uROk Secret Rockpool in the previous podcast episodes. Subscribes, likes and comments all welcomed and accepted with gratitude. So looking forward to this next chapter with you all. Thanks for staying with me for all these 21 years. uROk!  Love & light, Sari

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