Introduction to The Historian's Miscellany

The Historian's Miscellany

Jan 4 2022 • 1 min

Welcome to The Historian’s Miscellany.  You are invited to listen to this collection of interesting tales of mystery.  The stories will involve missing persons, ghosts, strange phenomena, unsolved murders & other mystifying stories.  Most will be true.  Some will be speculation.  Others will simply be just plain ole good entertainment.  Our miscellany will focus on areas mostly off the beaten path.  You know, in those areas where you need to drive an hour to get to a Wal-Mart or where cellular service is a luxury.  The method of storytelling will vary.  On some episodes, I will do my best to convey what truth has already been uncovered.  With others, I will work to put my own twist on the tale.  Frankly, I just want to give you an easy way to be entertained about subjects that make me stop and think.

I look forward to sharing these tales with you and adding some flavor to them.   The plan is for the show’s first episode to be published by March 1, 2022 with 1-2 episodes a month, depending on my work schedule and the holiday or vacation seasons.  I am going to start with a story less than 10 miles from where I am currently residing.

Reach out to me on Twitter “@SidtheHistorian” for suggestions for stories, for locations to cover, or for improvements on the Podcast.  I hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.

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