004 - The Total Con Job of Pretty & Bad Websites with Sherry Boyer

Thriving Dog Business Podcast

Feb 19 2024 • 15 mins

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Welcome to another episode of the Thriving Dog Business podcast!

In episode 04, I'm tackling the controversial topic of website design for service-based businesses like dog training, boarding, and daycares.

As a 7-figure business owner myself, I have strong opinions on this based on real-world results. Many make the mistake of prioritizing beauty over function. But a glamorous website that fails to convert visitors into leads is useless!

I cringe whenever I see the "Learn More" buttons. If I had a pound for every one of those, I wouldn't need to work again. They don't compel action. Your site exists to capture contacts, not impress with aesthetics.

Of course, looks matter somewhat. But conversion matters more. I've seen homepages without obvious calls to action or ways to get in touch. People shouldn't have to hunt for a buried contact form. Make it easy!

This problem is rampant in dog training, a higher-ticket service. Every time a visitor bounces without converting, that's $2000-5000 in lost revenue. Ouch! Optimize for conversions first, beauty second.

I know, you spent a fortune on that gorgeous site. But avoid falling for the Sunk Cost fallacy. One client paid $18,000 for a new site that generated no extra business. Just because you spent money doesn't mean you should keep a non-performing asset.

As a business owner, you must make ruthless decisions based on ROI, not emotions. If that pretty website isn't bringing in leads, you need a new one built for conversion, even if it means abandoning your pricey investment.

Remember, your site's purpose isn't to impress visitors with your credentials or philosophies. It's to make it crazy simple for ideal clients to contact you.

An ugly, basic landing page can outperform a gorgeous-looking site. In service businesses like ours, relationships and conversations matter more than looks. Ditch the vanity metrics and focus on lead generation alone.

Don't let a commitment to aesthetics or past spending deter you from making your website work for your business, not against it. I'm happy to advise anyone struggling with this - just reach out! Let's build your dog business together.

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