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What is NFT?
Apr 26 2021
What is NFT?
Hi guys, Today I have described what the deal with NFTs are. Everyone is talking about so, let's get to the bottom of this!   1. What NFT stands for  2. Why is NFT valuable? 3. How do you know if the NFT art is original or copied? 4. What is the example of NFT art? 5. How can you get involved with it!?  I will be making more and more contents around this so you can always check it out for my update here:  Made my IG page for my art as well How I made my first NFT art! 今世界中でHOTなNFT(非代替性トークン)。米アーティストBeepleの作品は75億円で落札。TwitterCEOの初ツイートは3億円超で落札さた。その市場規模は30日間で10億ドル以上を生み出している!!! なつねもNFTデジタルアートを作ってみた。  なつねNFTアートはこちらから: This episode is hosted by Lifeupeducationtv ( You can buy my book "The Game Of Self domination" here:   Find me on Social  IG: Find my book:  Book press release: outline: Blog Press Release:
Ask Natsune Show 32 - Habits of Happy People
Jan 5 2021
Ask Natsune Show 32 - Habits of Happy People
Hey guys! Welcome back to another episode of ASK Natsune Show!Today once again I picked up some tweets and made comments on these tweets! Let me know what you think about this!Today my tweets of choices are:1.Slow success builds character. Fast success builds ego.  2.Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice. - Wayne Dyer 3.Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity-not a threat. 4.Habits of happy people: - Don't show off - Talk less - Learn daily - Help less fortunate - Laugh daily - Ignore nonsense 5.“Lots of people know what to do, but few actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.” — Tony RobbinsWho is Natsune? Natsune is the host of LifeUpEducationTV, the author of the book called "The Game Of Self Domination," and the managing director of virtual B2B global recruiting & international project management service called ForeignConnect ( After graduating from high school, Natsune went to the U.S. and studied business & economics. She's also worked in and with multiple small to middle sized tech startups while she was still a student where she realized her passion for entrepreneurship & her life mission to contribute in the progress of humanity.  She's then worked as a digital marketer at a business consulting company while founding her own clothing business ( BillionDollarBabyStory). She now runs all of the operations of ForeignConnect where she helps companies who want to launch a business abroad to find, hire & manage work with local vendors by being their virtual B2B recruiter and international project manager. She also creates contents for LifeUpEducationTV to make people happy, laugh, feeling worthy, loved, inspired. She also provides talks for companies & conferences talking about philosophy in life and business.What is LifeUpEducationTV  LifeUpEducationTV is a comedy & education show that talks about advancing the possibility and capability of humanity as a whole from the perspective of arts and science.  At LifeUpEducationTV, we believe that art is the foundation of humanity and art is what the humanity exists on. In this thinking, Future is inward, not outward, because future is about possibility. Possibility is about challenging the limit of current state of knowledge in another words, our history, data, experience, & common sense. We are not inspired by data, knowledge & history. We are inspired by future and possibility. We recognize the value of knowledge and intelligence from experience, but we don't allow them to be our limiting beliefs to tell us how much we can achieve as human & destroy our creative and dreamer selves. This is why LifeUpEducationTV was born. We believe that the destiny of humanity is formed by challenging our imagination and creativity in possibility and this imagination and creativity is already inside of each of us.Find Natsune on SocialIG: my book The game of self domination: press release: Book outline: Our Community ( LifeUpTribe)
The Book Description "The Game Of Self Domination By Natsune Oki
Dec 23 2020
The Book Description "The Game Of Self Domination By Natsune Oki
Welcome to my website   Thank you for visiting my book page. Here, in this video, you can learn about my book of what I speak about.   Here is the outline of the book.The Goals Of This Book  Dead Life  Why Are You Scared Of Change?  CHAPTER ONE (Phase 1) Momentum Building  CHAPTER TWO (Phase 1) The Importance of Self-Awareness and Envisioning Your Vision CHAPTER THREE (Phase 1) What is Identity Circle and Meeting Identity Circle CHAPTER FOUR (Phase 1) Courage Building CHAPTER FIVE (Phase 1) Overcoming Your Fear With Concrete Plans CHAPTER SIX (Phase 1) What Do We Really Want from Money?  CHAPTER SEVEN (Phase 1) Owner’s Mindset: How To Create Risk Tolerance In Pursuing Your Dream CHAPTER EIGHT (Phase 1) Brain Conditioning CHAPTER NINE (Phase 1) Economics And Business Strategies into Life Strategies CHAPTER TEN (Phase 1) Effective And Efficient Goal Mapping CHAPTER ELEVEN (Phase 1) Effective And Efficient Execution & Priority CHAPTER TWELVE (Phase 1) Efficiency In Managing the Tasks CHAPTER THIRTEEN (Phase 2) Continuous Improvement & Measuring Improvement CHAPTER FOURTEEN (Phase 2) Resilience Through Creative Thinking and Highly Cognitive Perception CHAPTER FIFTEEN (Phase 2) Resilience Through Mastering Self-Talk and Self-Perception CHAPTER SIXTEEN (Phase 2) Resilience From Fear Of Others Through Acceptance and Influence CHAPTER SEVENTEEN (Phase 3) Achievement – What Is Success?