Two-Brain Q&A: Free Stuff and One-on-One Mentorship

Run a Profitable Gym

Feb 3 2022 • 12 mins

If you're familiar with Two-Brain Business but aren't yet part of the family, you might have some questions.

"Why do you give away so much stuff for free—what's the catch?"

"I've heard of other business-coaching and mastermind programs; they usually work in groups. Why is your program one-on-one?"

Two-Brain founder Chris Cooper's here with the answers to both those questions. Preview: It all comes down to helping gym owners solve more problems and make more money faster.


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1:07 – Why Two-Brain gives so much stuff away for free.

2:00 – Knowledge is not enough.

2:56 – Why one-on-one?

7:41 – The problem with group mentorship at the start-up level.