Ep 49: The Secrets to Peak Sexual Vitality w/ Jackson Hightower

ResistingBeta: The Men's Health Podcast

Aug 30 2023 • 51 mins

In this captivating episode, we delve into the world of men's sexual health with our special guest, Jackson Hightower. An acclaimed biohacker and expert in the realm of male sexuality, Jackson strives to challenge traditional conceptions of masculinity. He passionately promotes a more holistic understanding of male sexuality, rooted in both physical vitality and refined intimacy skills. Let's unpack his journey, insights, and key ideas from our enlightening conversation.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jackson's Background and Motivation:

    • A commitment to offering alternate perspectives on male sexuality distinct from mainstream media.

    • A life steeped in sports: from becoming Massachusetts' youngest black belt at seven to playing college soccer and baseball.

    • His realization in his younger years of lacking intimate skills, leading to a pivotal breakup.

    • The transformative influence of "The Way of the Superior Man" by David Deida and subsequent self-learning odyssey.

  • Teachings of David Deida:

    • The essence of selective learning: absorbing what's relevant while discarding the rest.

    • A lively debate on the idea of intercourse without ejaculation.

  • The Power of Sexual Energy:

    • How elite athletes, like Tom Brady, might harness sexual energy during seasons.

    • Viewing sexual energy as a potentially finite resource with significant impact on motivation, drive, and creation.

    • The intertwining of sexual energy and one's zest for life.

    • Mastery over ejaculation: the profound transformation it can bring.

    • Counteracting the pitfalls of seeking happiness externally and understanding the interconnectedness with one's sexual habits.

  • Deeper Dive into Masculinity:

    • Marketing's skewed messages to men, often bypassing introspective topics on masculinity.

    • The shallow lure of the pick-up artist world versus the quest for genuine fulfillment.

    • Jackson's definition of the "High-Value Man" - emphasizing self-respect, gratitude, and self-awareness.

    • The phases Jackson uses to guide men towards fulfilling self-growth.

  • Holistic Approaches to Men's Sexual Health:

    • Evaluating an individual's present state before diving into transformation.

    • The influences of societal norms, pornography, and changing cultural dynamics on sexual health.

    • Strategies like nofap, semen retention, and edging to foster a healthier relationship with one's sexual energy.

    • The importance of practices such as physical exercises, nutrition, and breathing routines.

    • Recognizing sexual experiences as an art, necessitating mutual respect and understanding.

  • Discussion with Andrew Bontz:

    • Masculinity's multi-faceted nature: the distinction between being biologically male and truly embodying manhood.

    • The pivotal roles men play as Earth's protectors and foundation creators.

    • The beautiful dance between masculine and feminine energies.

    • Actionable advice for listeners:

      • Cutting down porn consumption.

      • Embracing Kegel exercises.

      • Regularly initiating conversations with strangers.

    • An insight into Jackson's supplement business, emphasizing natural remedies rooted in traditional Chinese medicine.

    • Andrew's personal post-divorce journey and the indispensable role of holistic wellness.

Dive in as we uncover the layers of men's sexual health, redefine masculinity, and champion a more comprehensive and compassionate understanding of male sexuality.


  • "A high-value man is someone who respects and appreciates the world around them. You have respect and gratitude and appreciation for this experience and what we're doing"

  • "The ability to resist impulse and shift that energy towards something more productive and focused is what defines the average to the great man."

  • "You always have to start with yourself. Before you can have a positive experience with a partner...how do you fill up your cup.”

7 Day Action Steps:

  1. Reduce your adult content consumption by 25-30%

  2. Learn how to do a kegel so you can train yourself to last longer

  3. If you are single, go up and say hi to a new woman every day




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