From Burnout to Thriving: The Journey of an Assured Man

ResistingBeta: The Men's Health Podcast

01-02-2023 • 55 mins

Podcast Description:

Zane's Bio:

  • A 16-year veteran police officer and former professional rugby player/coach
  • Collapsed due to burnout last year
  • Founded "The Assured Man" to help men shift from surviving to thriving
  • Offers 12-week one-on-one coaching program

Zane's Experience with Burnout:

  • Separation from wife and struggles with responsibilities as a police officer and father
  • He realized burnout after three years of struggling and a chance conversation with a friend
  • Experienced symptoms such as slowing down, difficulty concentrating, irritability, physical issues, triggers, and an impending sense of doom
  • The lowest point was realizing nobody was coming to save him
  • Took control of the situation to start recovery

Advice for Men:

  • Reconnect with your inner strength and take control of the situation
  • Embrace your feelings, be resilient, and roll with punches
  • Being an "assured man" means being calm, confident, and having inner peace after self-reflection and growth
  • The journey to self-confidence is about learning and growing, not achieving perfection
  • Being a man means being true to oneself, owning one's strength, and being a good father/partner
  • The journey of self-discovery involves being comfortable with who you are and finding your tribe
  • Post-traumatic growth is about stopping putting up with bullshit and understanding what works for you.


  • Do a thought audit every day for the next 7 days


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