Living Like A Savage in 2023 - Ep 21 w/ Andrew Bontz

ResistingBeta: The Men's Health Podcast

10-01-2023 • 15 mins

This was not an easy episode to put out into the world because it’s hard to show the struggle when you are running a business.  It may be ego or the fear that we may lose opportunities if people hear about the struggle.  I believe in transparency and hope you enjoy my sharing a little bit about the struggles in my first year of business.

Topics I discuss:

  • How I left my job in April to start a new business, but I failed to prioritize it and instead focused on my kids and activities with them.
  • My history of not following through with goals and not enjoying goal-setting, but this year I plan to break this pattern by following a proven process provided by the book Living Your Best Year Ever
  • How I realized I was more disciplined and successful in the past, specifically in 2020 and 2021, and I am determined to get back to that level of focus and productivity.
  • My main priorities in 2023 will be taking action and living life instead of getting sucked into distractions like social media and videos.
  • I am going to be focusing on the concept of "Living like a Savage" and trying to apply it to my life, which means being relentless, disciplined, and determined.

Resources Mentioned

Pillars of Resisting Beta:

  • Discipline
    • Delaying of gratification
    • Acceptance of responsibility
    • Dedication to truth
  • Embracing discomfort
  • Intentionality
    • Following a process, w/o worrying about the results
  • Sharing the adventures of becoming a better man

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