Andrew Bontz - My Better After Divorce Blueprint

ResistingBeta: The Men's Health Podcast

31-10-2022 • 34 mins

Today's episode is a solocast where I document the steps I took in the first year after my divorce and what resources I used to turn my life around.

Topics I discuss:

  • Stuck in self-fulling stories
    • The internal dialogue that fed my victim mentality
    • Sought external validation seeking stories that positioned me as the victim and her as the villain
    • My competitive nature worked against me.  I needed to win.  She needed to lose.
    • My ego and unhealthy bruised bravado caused me to act childish
    • Fear of being alone allowed me to sacrifice who I was.
    • I had a fear of being accepted.
    • Tried to be the man someone else wanted me to be and not the man I know I am

Pillars of Resisting Beta:

  • Discipline
    • Delaying of gratification
    • Acceptance of responsibility
    • Dedication to truth
    • Balancing?
  • Embracing discomfort
  • Intentionality
    • Following a process, w/o worrying about the results
  • Sharing the adventures of becoming a better man

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