Lucas Krump - Overcoming Loneliness and Building a Path To Authentic Friendship

ResistingBeta: The Men's Health Podcast

29-11-2022 • 49 mins

Our guest this week is Lucas Krump.  He was working as an executive leader at a Fortune 100 technology company and was climbing the corporate ladder, reaping the benefits of a solid paycheck and a stable career.

But no matter how much he had, he felt lost, disconnected, and empty.

He discovered that many men he knew felt the same way and felt a calling to walk away and start again.

As CEO and Co-Founder of EVRYMAN, his mission is to enable men to connect with themselves and others through the powers of community, self-awareness, and emotional development.

What We Talk About:

  • Creating identity around achievement and how it doesn’t look like how we thought it would
  • What is “The 2nd Mountain”?
  • The frustrations in finding a men’s group of “everyday guys”
  • Hanging onto friendships that don’t serve us at our new phase of life
  • How lone wolfing works…until it doesn’t
  • Building brotherhood and community in your late 30s
  • Guys don’t usually feel safe around other guys
  • The consequences and drag that happens when we over-index our relationship with our spouse
  • The fear around showing your true self to another man
  • The phrase “Less of a man” and what it means in society
  • Walking with a beginners mind
  • What are the key areas of emotional fitness?
  • How to expand our capacity to experience a variety of emotions and build resiliency
  • Building emotional elasticity instead of numbing emotions we don’t know how to deal with
  • What is somatic awareness?


Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds - David Goggins

Evryman Fundamentals/Foundations Program

7-Day Homework:

  • Write about a time when you weren’t honest with yourself and tell someone about it.

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