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The Ark and the Dove is an 5-episode narrative podcast investigating the complex dynamics of race and religion in America through the lens of the Black Catholic Community. The Ark and the Dove takes its name after the two companion ships that brought English Catholic settlers to Maryland in 1634. Among the colonists on board was Mathias de Sousa, the first recorded black Catholic in Maryland, who later became an elected representative in the Maryland Assembly. The Ark and the Dove podcast seeks to present the faith, resilience and hope of black Catholics in the U.S. Learn more at read less
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The Church: Blockbusting in Baltimore City
Jul 3 2023
The Church: Blockbusting in Baltimore City
This episode continues on the transformation of Edmonson Village, this time focusing on the Catholic Church at the center of the neighborhood: St. Bernardine. Longtime residents share their memories of the Catholic priests and parishioners who reacted in various ways to the population changes, and how they made a home for themselves and their families at the Church.CreditsThe Ark and the Dove was written and produced by Edward Herrera and Jay Lampart with help from Louis Damani Jones. Editing and creative direction by Sara Perla. Theme, outro music and sound design by Jay Lampart. Additional music by Deitrick Goodwin and the St. Bernardine's Choir. John "Papa Jay" Lampart played the harmonica. Artwork by Tom Grillo. In addition to Ed Orser’s research, Antero Pietila’s book, Not in My Neighborhood: How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City was very helpful in the making of this episode. Special thanks to Siobohn Hagan and Marmia, The Mid Atlantic Regional Moving Image Archive, WMAR-TV for the coverage of Cardinal Archbishop Shehan’s testimony and the Catholic Review for their reporting on the incident. Thank you to the OSV Institute for Catholic Innovation and the Notre Dame IDEA Center for their early support. Most importantly, thanks to the parishioners of St. Bernardine Church and the countless individuals willing to share their story for the making of this podcast. The Ark and the Dove is a production of Balthasar Media.