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The Australian Arts community is as diverse as its population. Each week Behind The Scenes looks at how people carry out these arts projects. Many stories, both fascinating and amusing are waiting to be told.

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Behind the Scenes 11th March 2024
Mar 12 2024
Behind the Scenes 11th March 2024
It's our week for catching up with Elena Vereker in Adelaide and she’ll introduce us to her local guest artist – choreographer and sound designer Alix Kuijpers… whose new show Grim Grinning Ghosts is part of Adelaide Fringe…   And while we’re talking about Adelaide, let’s meet Jack Calver, co-devisor and performer in Unfair Verona, by Sydney based Glassroom Theatre Company who are about to perform in post-Fringe Adelaide……   Three years ago, Zachariah Fenn talked to us about two remarkable artists - Luke Abdalla, an artist who’s been blind from birth and Matthew Elliot, an artist who lives with cerebral palsy…   then last year Zach returned to talk about a film he was making about their work at Bundanon. Now that film is finished and Zach is back to tell us where we can see it… and about its associated exhibition – Bundanon: Painting a Promised Land…   The psychological thriller, Gaslight began life on stage in 1928… it’s since twice been adapted to the screen and the term ‘gaslighting’ has entered the popular vernacular. The latest stage production is currently on tour and cast member Courtney Cavallaro is here to talk about it…   And finally, McClelland Sculpture Park is not just about visual arts…  it’s also about music and curator of the music programme Monica Curro is back to tell what we’ll hear this year…   They’re all on this week’s edition of Behind the Scenes with Chris Thompson right here on Vision Australia Radio.     Follow this link to hear Zachariah Fenn’s first visit to Behind the Scenes in September 2021   Follow this link to hear Zach talking about the first short release of his film on September 4, 2023…   Follow this link for a longer version of this week’s chat with Zach… for privacy information.