How do you define “Culture"? | ft. Julian Mitchell

The Hidden Opportunity

03-11-2022 • 1 hr 6 mins

The word “culture” is often time overused and abused. The authenticity of “ The Culture” has been replaced by algorithms and bots that now dictate the flow of how some people move. “The Culture” in its true sense is the embodiment of the thoughts, ideas, and people that have been underserved, misrepresented, and marginalized systematically throughout history.

Julian Mitchell is the personification of culture. He is the quintessence of what “The Culture” is supposed to be. The award-winning content creator with a passion for adding perspective to topics in music, media, and entertainment has spearheaded campaigns and content for brands like American Honda Motors, Wells Fargo, Google, and Magic Johnson Enterprises.

Mitchell has also worked closely alongside Sean "Diddy" Combs to launch REVOLT Media & TV as social media Director, before shaping the network's voice as Editorial Director.

Julian who most recently executive produced the Revolt Summit, and the BET Awards sat down with Jordan Awoye of Awoye Capital to talk about culture, finance, fatherhood, and what's next for him in the future.