S1E15 - Plant Based Living simplified, with guest Sam Harridge

Our Circle

May 9 2021 • 38 mins

In this episode we chat with vegan chef Sam Harridge about how he found his love & passion for cooking, as well as simplifying veganism.

This episode is dedicated to @samcooksplantbased , De-Terra & You Are Not Alone Subscription boxes ...

@samcooksplantbased is Sam's wonderful instagram account filled with recipes, music, games & more.

De-terra is a company founded by Sam, with the aim to make the world a more sustainable place, through community & eco friendly products. If you have things to share - tips, products & more, regarding sustainable living, get in touch with Sam via Instagram @samharridge to collab! Please support by following De Terra on Instagram @deterra.life & visit their website www.de-terra.co.uk for more information on how you can get involved or to buy your own sustainable products.

For more information on the You Are Not Alone subscription boxes, please contact Sam via Instagram @samharridge .

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