Public Displays of Affection with Paromita Vohra

Marine Lines with Raghu Karnad

20-08-2021 • 32 mins

Perhaps the most delightful thing about exploring hidden worlds is that most of them are hidden in plain sight – right there, in front of our eyes. They might be the world of animal life, or coastal sea life, or human life – and there's nothing hidden in open view, in Mumbai, like human love and physical desire. It's tough. In fact, if there's anything that's more difficult for humans in Mumbai than it is for other animals, birds, or fish – it's probably making love. Most younger people who live in this city don't have the private space for it, so public space has to be used for the most private moments.

In this episode, Raghu is joined by Mumbai’s most beloved columnist, Paromita Vohra – who's just a breath of fresh air when she talks about love, sex, desire and how they exist in the city.