Episode 119: Guest - Karl Davidson, on ”The Morale Booster with Dr. John Ughulu.”

The Morale Booster with Dr. John Ughulu

29-04-2022 • 39 mins

Episode 119: Guest - Karl Davidson, on "The Morale Booster with Dr. John Ughulu."

Growing up Karl did what his parents and society told him. He went to school, got good grades, then went onto college. He achieved a degree in electrical engineering and got a safe secure job. He did all this by the age of 20. Fast forward 4 years he felt stuck. Stuck not in his job, which had flown him across the world to places such as Japan,United States, Taiwan and China, the Netherlands and which had him working on some the most  advanced machines in the semiconductor industry, but stuck in his own personal life. He was getting paid well but had very little to show for it, except for some materialistic items. He had too much month at the end of his money, "Spending" was his middle name, he would buy things to fill the void in his lifethat he dared to go in. Until one day he met a person online. She introduced him to two books to listen to when he was on a job assignment in Japan. Little did he know these two books would open up the door to a whole new world that he knew existed but didn’t fully know. One of these books was so powerful it stopped him dead in his tracks when he was crossing a street in a suburb of Japan. The other book was a personal financial book that has educated him on money and wealth. During his travels he's picked up a thing or two from the different people hes met and cultures hes been involved in. Once such thing was a proverb, a Chinese one. “ If someone gives you something and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others” here in this book you will learn what Karl has learned that has transformed not only  his own mindset but many others who have read this book.   Like and share!

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