Episode 114: Guest - Dr. Euvonka Farabee, on ”The Morale Booster with Dr. John Ughulu.”

The Morale Booster with Dr. John Ughulu

30-03-2022 • 32 mins

Episode 114: Guest - Dr. Euvonka Farabee, on "The Morale Booster with Dr. John Ughulu."

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Master Chaplain and Coach Euvonka Farabee is a transformational Motivational Speaker, author, and Empowerment Strategist that has shared the stage with John Leslie Brown, the son of Les Brown.

She delivers messages of hope that affect a positive shift and mindset that position her listeners for victorious professional and personal lives. Euvonka Farabee holds a Doctorate of Theology from the HSBN International School of Ministry, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Mount Saint Mary’s University.

She is a Master Prison Chaplain, and possesses various licenses and certifications in the insurance and real estate industries. With her 30 years of experience, Dr. Farabee has affected positive change across several industry sectors, including sales, consultancy, real estate, insurance, and the correctional institution industry.

Her passion for helping people find joy and satisfaction in life was inspired by the downturn in the economy, as well as from the grief, fear, confusion, failure of her marriage and health, and the failure of business endeavors. As such, she began to overcome these difficulties through intense research and determination to get on the other side of these adversities, including anxiety and depression, to arrive at a point of positive transformation by utilizing life’s many transitions.   Like and share!

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