Christina Vithoulkas - (Paralysed Drift Car Driver ) | #77


Mar 26 2023 • 32 mins

Christina Vithoulkas' life changed dramatically when she was involved in a serious motorbike accident in 2017. The accident left her with a spinal cord injury and unable to walk. Well she technically broke her back TWICE but we will get to that!

In this episode, Christina shares her story of resilience and recovery. She talks about the challenges she faced in the aftermath of her accident, including the emotional toll of adjusting to life with disability while also watching her identical twin live an able-bodied one. But she wouldn't take back the day at the track and in fact would do it the exact same way as she shares the triumphs and joys of rediscovering herself and finding new passions and opportunities.

Join us in this enthralling conversation with Christina, as she shares her story of strength and determination, a message of hope and possibility plus an unfiltered look into life behind the bedroom door.

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