Chloe Hayden - (Heartbreak High Actor and Autistic) | #76


Mar 12 2023 • 42 mins

"Ironically by pretending to be someone else I was able to feel more like myself"

Chloe Hayden is what happens when talent meets accessibility. The star of the #1 Netflix programme in the world, "Heartbreak High," portraying Quinni, a neurodiverse character, shone both in her representation and support of performers with disabilities portraying those with disabilities. She explains being her own worst enemy, growing up an outcast of a society not willing to accept a young person who didn't fit it's tiny box and being mobbed in the streets.

In this episode we talk:

  • Growing up in a small community without disability representation
  • Chloe's world after her diagnosis of Autism and ADHD
  • Being 'Selectively Mute'
  • Acting and Heartbreak High (obvs)
  • Accessibility on TV & Movie sets
  • Finding love online and planning her wedding
  • Why she HATES fancy food

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