Strange Textures

James Hastings

This is my improvised guitar podcast. A sort of non-verbal personal journal. I improvise a new piece of abstract, textural, music every week for people to listen to or ignore while doing something else.

I'm James and I play guitar. Normally though you might not recognise it as guitar because I make textural, abstract, music and soundscapes. I improvise a lot, and I wanted to create a little place to share what is really a small gig with you. Each week I'll improvise and record a new piece including all the happy accidents* and publish it. You might find it useful as background for study, sleep, meditation and so on. Or you might actually like listening to this sort of thing.

You can influence my improvisation (like a comedy show, but not very funny) by talking to me on Twitter (@strangetextures) or Instagram (@strange.textures), or you can check out other things I do at

*all the mistakes

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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