Dumb Doctor Dogma and Evidence-Based BS with Dr. Stu Fischbein of Birthing Instincts

Moms Off The Record

May 5 2023 • 1 hr 53 mins

The moms sit down with the one and only Dr. Stu Fischbein of the Birthing Instincts podcast. Like April and Kat, Dr. Stu is 100% unfiltered, uncensored, and unafraid of challenging the establishment. This episode highlights some of our favorite Dr. Stu-isms. We hear his take on:

  • How and why the obstetrics model of care is broken, stemming all the way from Residency to Peer Reviewed papers
  • Fully trusting our bodies at every stage of womanhood
  • Why for the first time in history the powers that be are recommending untested jabs on pregnant women
  • “Standard of care” and “informed consent”
  • What the Arrive Trial is and why it’s bogus
  • Why it’s valid to have a healthy dose of skepticism in regard to ACOG guidelines and medical journal conclusions
  • Vitamin K shot: relative vs. actual risk, the Vitamin K drops, and more
  • Why vaginal breech and twin births have been on the decline
  • How women who desire to have an at-home breech or twin birth can find resources
  • Why more women are turning to free/wild birth
  • “Stage 1 thinking”
  • What makes the OB profession unique (hint: it’s not the ability to perform a c-section)
  • How fear is the most powerful driver behind decisions
  • “Cognitive dissonance”
  • What unethical medical care looks like

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