Raw Reflections Summer Series: How Exactly Each of Us Practices "80/20" as Crunchy Moms

Moms Off The Record

Jun 16 2023 • 1 hr 12 mins

If you’ve already embarked on your crunchy mom journey, you know there is no final destination. The goal post keeps moving!

We each discuss where we are currently with our holistic lifestyle and provide transparency on our crunchy shortcomings. Remember: it’s about the sum of the actions you take the majority of the time versus striving for perfection all of the time since perfection is an illusion.

We share our favorite and must-have crunchy mom brands, products, and practices as well as how we help out one another.

Hear us chat about greenwashing, top toxins we avoid and why, and the hierarchy of the types of eggs and milk.

You’ll understand our individual “whys” in regard to prioritizing our lifestyle choices and the domino effect it has on our children and their future children.

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