Dissecting the Lancet Breastfeeding Series: An exposé on the commercial milk formula industry

Moms Off The Record

Sep 8 2023 • 1 hr 40 mins

In today’s highly-anticipated episode, we call out the most riveting takeaways from the Lancet’s Breastfeeding Series.
What you will learn:

  • The history of CMF (commercial milk formula)
  • What “the code” is, why it’s not enforced, and how CMF manufacturers  circumvent or directly violate the code at the expense of mothers’ and babies’ health
  • The specific Machiavellian marketing strategies that CMF conglomerates implement globally in order to capitalize on, exploit, and hoodwink women into believing formula is better for their babies
  • What is at stake for moms, babies, and society when breastfeeding is replaced by formula
  • The myth and misleading nature of the push for “gender equality” & our thoughts on positive vs. harmful feminism and its ties to corporatism, the schism of the nuclear family, and how it all relates to how we feed our babies
  • The precise playbook CMFs use to dupe mothers and undermine breastfeeding
  • How “experts” spanning from midwives & nurses to doctors & scientists have been bought and paid for and cannot be blindly trusted

If this episode left you feeling angry at CMFs, you're not alone. We leave you with the our call to action (and The Lancet’s) for what can be done to help promote and support breastfeeding.

What ideas do you have to promote exclusive  breastfeeding so  women are no longer taken advantage of by greedy companies whose claims are completely unsubstantiated by “the science”? Email us or send us an audio note/DM on instagram.


The Lancet Breastfeeding Series 2023

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