The False Empowerment of Hormonal Birth Control & IUDs and How to Reclaim Your Power via Natural Family Planning

Moms Off The Record

Jan 6 2023 • 38 mins

So often we’re told the benefits we’ll reap as a result of hormonal birth control and IUDs, but are we ever given informed consent on the physical and emotional risks? How empowering is it to believe your best or only options to plan and prevent pregnancy are from pharmaceuticals that trick your body into believing it’s pregnant or an intrauterine device that can become dislodged?

In this episode, we discuss what real female empowerment looks like when it comes to planning and preventing pregnancy on our own terms without the pill or IUD. You’ll hear about our regrets and past experiences with hormonal birth control, what we know now, and how we empowered ourselves through cycle awareness, fertility signals and data to plan our pregnancies.

Hear what our favorite trusted resources are for natural family planning so you can empower yourself and ditch the hormones and IUDs for good.

Medical Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals. Nothing you've heard in today’s episode should be taken as medial advice. We are simply sharing our experiences, anecdotes and information.

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