Elimination Communication & The Dirty Diaper Industry

Moms Off The Record

Aug 18 2023 • 1 hr 6 mins

The MOTR moms are back! In today's episode, we welcome Nicole Cheever who is a mom of three, EC (Elimination Communication) connoisseur, and co-host of the Go Diaper Free podcast for an illuminating and humbling conversation on all things EC.
Nicole reveals how and when the diaper industry began prying its avaricious claws into busy moms, and how the downward spiral our modern lifestyle rooted in convenience culture has had detrimental psychological and physical impacts when we choose to leave kids in diapers well into toddlerhood and beyond.

EC doesn't have to be this all or nothing idealistic and unattainable endeavor that only crunchy full-time stay-at-home moms can accomplish. Just the opposite, actually! Nicole dissects the assumption that prematurely pottying kids is "traumatic".

After listening to today's episode, you'll hopefully feel assured that regardless of your prior traumas or pitfalls with EC'ing and potty-training and despite your children's ages, you can take simple actions and make mindset shifts to successfully EC and ultimately fully potty train starting right now.

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