Maternal Instincts, Wisdom, and Challenging the Status Quo with Kat’s Mom Robin

Moms Off The Record

Apr 7 2023 • 1 hr 3 mins

Today's very special guest is none other than Kat's mom, Robin Kier! As a mom of 4 kids (two from her first marriage and two step-kids from her second marriage), a former R.N. of 15 years and a former flight attendant of nearly 20 years, Robin brings a wealth of maternal wisdom, mom-tuition, and insights to the table.

We discuss everything from what drove her into early retirement from the flight attendant career she loved, her takeaways from nursing school and the changes she is witnessing now, the weirdness of the Gardasil and flu jabs, her stance on masking and the "C" jab, and how she knew real animal fats were always healthier than seed oils and fake "butter" and margarine way before it was cool to know that. As usual, we wrap up with questions from our instagram followers.

Thank you for listening!


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