Bad Eggs | 24

The Rewatcher: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Mar 13 2023 • 1 hr 8 mins

We’ve always known Sunnydale is filled with a few “bad eggs” (I mean it’s on top of a Hellmouth, what do you expect?), but this week the Scooby Gang is literally dealing with rotten eggs filled with alien-like scorpion creatures for a parenting project in health class. All this talk of parenting and the future has everyone acting extra horny and no one can seem to keep their hands off each other. Angel and Buffy make out non-stop in a graveyard (hot) and Xordelia faces the relationship hurdle of whether or not they even like each other while simultaneously playing ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven' in the janitor’s closet (hot x2). And if that wasn’t enough to deal with for one week, two vampire brothers from the Wild West named Lyle and Tector show up in Sunnydale with all the intentions of making Buffy’s life Hell. Will Buffy have to fight two big bads this week or will these new cowboy vampires (because that’s a thing now) help her destroy the mother of these gross gooey egg creatures? Just how many gas leaks can one building have before the government gets involved?

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