Innocence | 26

The Rewatcher: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Mar 27 2023 • 1 hr 39 mins

Don’t let the title fool you because there is nothing innocent about this heart wrenching episode. You’d think after their steamy and romantic night together that Buffy and Angel would be in post- sexy time bliss, but because this is Sunnydale and no one can ever truly be happy, Angel loses his soul while ‘giving Buffy her birthday present’ (yes… that’s a euphemism), and we’re all collectively wishing it weren’t so! Reunited with Dru & Spike, the true Angelus unleashes his inner fuckboi and plans a campaign against Buffy to make her regret ever making him love her. We regret ever loving YOU, Angel! While Buffy’s world is ending, the Scooby Gang seems to have plenty of issues of their own. Xander shows what a clueless nimwit he is when it comes to women when Willow catches him making out with Cordelia, Uncle Basset Hound reveals that Buffy is fated to kill Angel, but at least Jenny shows that she’s still on Team-Scoob! Oz joins the gang and even though everything else sucks in Sunnydale, we do get some pretty adorable Ozlow moments, thank GOD. With an episode complete with sad Buffle themes, copious amounts of SMG-face, and heartfelt words from our favorite librarian/watcher/daddy, join us while we all face the big blue Judgment!

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