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Mar 4 2019 • 30 mins

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Thought Leadership won’t make you money. Or will it? I’m lifting the lid the on the current state of the online business industry and sharing why we should all be starting different conversations and elevating our position in the marketplace; to make more sales, to get more clients and to stop the ‘soup’.

If you're tired of feeling like you're contributing to the drama and the constant content creation culture... and you're ready to participate in a genuinely different conversation, build your authority and sell without having to be someone you're not. Then join my free Internet Evolution Challenge:

In This Episode:

  • Is ‘nice’ the adjective you want people to use about you?
  • How can we position ourselves so that clients come running to us?
  • What’s really going on in the market - and do we need to change?
  • Making the decision to step away from something.
  • The Internet Evolution Challenge.

“‘Nice’ as a word triggers me.”

“I wanted it to empower people around this idea that selling wasn't actually that difficult.”

“We want everything to be what we'd call businesses usual where actually it's okay. You know, there are no major dramas.”

“Sometimes we find things, that are fairly dark, funny.”

“I didn't want to be associated with the ‘soup’."

The Internet Evolution Challenge

The Dotties

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