Scoundrel: History's Forgotten Villains

KAST MEDIA | Jason and Carissa Weiser

History consists of heroes and villains (and, I suppose everything in between)... but it's usually the villains who are the most interesting: Their flaws, their quirks, the voids in their hearts that force them to do the unthinkable. These are the characters that fascinate us, that pull us in, that compel us to watch and don’t let us look away. And these are the characters that Scoundrel: History’s Forgotten Villains is all about.

Scoundrel, is a new bi-weekly anthology podcast from Kast Media and the award winning creators of Myths & Legends, that tells the stories of the rapscallions through time who were just a little more adept at hiding their evil from historians than others. By joining them on their treacherous journeys, we not only learn about what makes them tick, but more importantly, the times that created them.

Sidney Gottlieb, George Remus, Thomas Blood, James McClintock. They’ve all done horrible things...on varying scales. If there’s anything we can salvage from their misdeeds and incalculable human suffering, it’s the opportunity to use them to elucidate the times they’ve lived… so that we can better understand ourselves.

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Wang Ti: The Icarus of Beijing
Wang Ti: The Icarus of Beijing
Born in Dalian province, China, Wang Ti always had her sights on becoming a fixture in the elite circles of Beijing aristocracy. Her place as the wife of a once star player on a former Chinese Super League champion team gave her access to the who’s who, but Wang Ti wanted more than just access, she desired to BE the who’s who, by any means necessary. The 2008 Olympics gave her a golden ticket to the top in the form of Xiao Qin, that year’s gold medalist in the Pommel Horse. Known by many names including “The Prince of the Pommel Horse” and “The Pony God” Xiao Qin’s victory on China’s home stage sprung him to international fame. At a fateful wedding reception, Wang Ti and The Pony God crossed paths, and she leveraged her cunning and his national stardom in the wake of the Olympics to enter the upper echelon of Chinese elite society through deception and trickery. One slip of the tongue in a meeting saw her assume the role as the de-facto luxury goods broker for Beijing’s elite athletes and socialites, but a sinister twist of fate landed her life in prison. While her story is recent, it seems that history has already swept the devious deeds of Wang Ti under the carpet in hopes to be forgotten, but we won’t let that happen! Listen to Scoundrel ad-free, with bonus content at Amazon Music! Check it out at -- Sponsor: Talkspace: To match with a licensed therapist today, go to, and use code SCOUNDREL to get $100 off of your first month and show your support for the show.