Put Your Mask On First

What CEOs Talk About

16-06-2021 • 1 hr

Ryan Hindmarsh is the CEO of Sleep Therapeutics, a Canadian company that helps people sleep at night, so they can restore their days. He joined the company in 2018, after more than 20 years of leadership in the health and wellness industry. His experience ranges from being a fitness coach for NHL hockey players to co-founding and managing some of Toronto’s top sports clinics and fitness facilities. It was during his time in gyms and clinics that Ryan realized how important sleep is to productivity and performance. And it’s why sleep is a passion, not just a job.

In addition to high-pressure sports environments, Ryan developed his skills through his tenure as an executive leadership coach. Using unique LMI processes, he learned how to build a winning attitude and team, and achieve success through goal setting.

He’s passionate about developing the people around him, and he embraces the responsibility of leading the company culture. In life and in business, he practises what he preaches, and his mission is to awaken the lives of as many Canadians as possible.

In this episode….

Ryan Hindmarsh is the CEO of Sleep Therapeutics, a Canadian company that assists people with sleep issues and finding sleep wellness. Ryan himself uses a CPAP machine and understands how good sleep can radically change your whole life. He is passionate about helping people sleep and in implementing Rest and Recreation into not only his life but the lives of his employees.

Ryan was born, raised, and went to school in Saskatchewan. After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan, Ryan did the opposite of friends who were moving west and moved east instead. In Toronto he made a career for himself as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. In time, wanting more, he discovered LMI and wound up with his own LMI franchise out of Toronto before ultimately arriving at Sleep Therapeutics.

In this episode of What CEOs Talk About, host Martin Hunter discusses “putting your mask on first” with Ryan Hindmarsh and how that saying really breaks down into taking care of yourself so you can then take care of others. Ryan explains his passion for sleep health and helping other people find rest. They explore LMI and the Wheel of Life, how the different spokes inform different aspects of life but also what forges good leaders. Ryan breaks down how he leads and coaches his own organization in putting their masks on first.