E57 Make your Dreams a Reality W/ Adam Cracknell

Rise Train Dream

Sep 14 2022 • 40 mins

Have you ever felt STUCK in life? You have all these big Goals & Ambitions and you're putting in the work but you feel like there is no forward progress? Maybe you made a big move towards achieving one of these goals but came out the other end feeling like a failure? In todays episode, Des & Tam interviewed Adam Cracknell, who is going into is 17th year playing Pro Hockey, to originally talk about everything NHL but the conversation ended up snowballing into a chat about how anyone can level up their life and start making their dreams become their Reality.  So, if you've been feeling like your life could use an upgrade & you are ready to start making S*** happen, listen to the end! Adam's Backstory (0:20) Failure is part of Success (6:35) What it takes to get to the Next Level in Life & Stay There (10:20)

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