Chasing The Sun: Greg’s Story

The Story Attic

28-02-2022 • 51 mins

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On this episode:
Greg was just a guy looking to live the dream life on an Island; eating coconuts, sipping on rum drinks.  He escaped it all after a brief marriage and years of bull and bear market trading to find paradise in the USVI.  There he built a family of friends, and even began a new career.  It was just then that someone entered his life to make him re-think it all.

Interviews done on this podcast are intended only to represent the opinions, experiences or point of view of the guests.  Surnames may be omitted for privacy, and at times names may be changed or omitted for anonymity.

Greg Kleiman and his partner Toby own The Max Challenge in both Madison and Montclair, New Jersey.  Check out their awesome studios!
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