Forget Me Nots - Carolyn's Story

The Story Attic

21-09-2022 • 56 mins

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On this episode:

On today's episode, I'm speaking with Carolyn Birrell, the author of Walking With Fay.  This is the story of how she learned to cope and adapt along with her Mother, after her Mom was diagnosed with dementia.

About Carolyn Birrell:
Carolyn Birrell retired to Bonners Ferry, ID, after having spent 20 years in Atlanta, GA, where she worked for the American Cancer Society National Headquarters and then as a real estate agent. Soon after her move, she relocated her aging mother to be near her and spent the next eight years caring for her while learning “all things dementia.” She began writing initially to help her make sense of her mother’s early-stage dementia and the terrifying behaviors that came with it. It didn’t take her long to realize she’d been writing the very book she’d been searching for – the one that not only tells one woman’s story of traveling down her mother’s path into dementia from its beginning to its inevitable end, but also helps others who are struggling to keep pace with their own loved one and desperately needing help. These days you can usually find her pulling weeds, plucking strings on her ukulele, or on her paddleboard. “Walking with Fay” can be found at, on Amazon, or anywhere you buy books.

Connect with Carolyn: