The Daring DJ: Adam’s Story

The Story Attic

Mar 14 2022 • 1 hr 17 mins

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On this episode:

I'm catching up with Adam.  Adam "DJ AdamBomb" has been the fast-track to success, building an entertainment business from early days of doing Trivia Nite at bars to now providing auctioneering services for giant corporations.  But along the way he's struggled to find a balance between his On Stage persona and his more natural state of being quiet and introverted.  He recently took a trip alone and all bets off, began a journey of self discover.

Interviews done on this podcast are intended only to represent the opinions, experiences or point of view of the guests.  Surnames may be omitted for privacy, and at times names may be changed or omitted for anonymity.

Adam DeFlorio is an entertainment specialist, based out of the Pittsburgh area of PA, but serving many markets.  For more info go to Moxie Events website:

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