Really Out of My Mind: Matt’s Story

The Story Attic

May 29 2022 • 59 mins

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On this episode:

In the early 1990's, Matt was a teenager - working on TV's Candid Camera, about to go away to college on a football scholarship, and enjoying a great life surfing and skateboarding in California.  One fateful day, he got into a vehicle and woke up three months later.   He was given a 5% chance of living.

About Matt Thomas:
Matt Thomas is the founder of  Matt is an advocate for not only the consequences of intoxicated driving, and the support that disabled people need in order to improve their quality of life. He spends his time giving speeches about drinking and driving in schools and trying to get through to people before they could potentially make the same mistakes he did.

Positive Matters' mission is to create awareness within the health care and education professions that anything is possible. People with disabilities do not need to be fixed, they just need to be enhanced. With our belief that people with disabilities should participate in their community and be valued as productive members of their society with feeling a sense of accomplishment, we could provide a positive life outlook. With activity in a natural environment, hydrobiking is a new type of stimulant that can help motivate people even more that they can do things, such as riding a bike on water, which may have seem impossible before.

With Matthew as its inspiration and founder, Positive Matters is working to help show disabled people that they can be their own self-advocate and improve their quality of life.

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