No Right, No Wrong: Heidi’s Story

The Story Attic

26-07-2022 • 55 mins

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On this episode:

On today's episode, I'm speaking with Heidi, a psychotherapist who experienced a tremendous sense of overwhelm and a health crisis through a period of her life where everything was seemingly perfect.  She describes the events and how she has transformed her life and the lives of others through setting intentions and thoughtful planning.

About the storyteller:
Heidi Gruss, is the CEO and founder of, an International Transformation Company, and creator of The Transformation Methodology™.  The Transformation Methodology™puts expectationsputs an end to living according to other people’s expectations so you can finally feel at peace living authentically.  What would happen if you put an end to tolerating all of the bullshit? True and total confidence, abundance and joy!

Heidi combines her education, training and over 18 years experience working with women as a licensed psychotherapist with her success as an entrepreneur, to build a powerful mindset and instill the pillars of long-lasting success.

Connect with Heidi: