Mine Is The Morning: Jenny’s Story

The Story Attic

02-05-2022 • 1 hr 27 mins

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On this episode:

On this episode, I'm speaking with Jenny a lovely, spirited, thoughtful and wise woman.  Having been raised in the traditions of religion in a nation where she was shamed and discriminated against, Jenny found herself looking for answers and love outside of tradition.  After pursuing an education and traveling throughout the world, she became entangled in a less-than-fulfilling and toxic relationship, only to re-emerge after its ending as a blossoming human and entrepreneur.

Find Jenny Lee's amazing coaching services and inspirations for rising early in the morning with joy and intention @ https://www.beevibe.org/.

Follow her Instagram @beevibe88.

Interviews done on this podcast are intended only to represent the opinions, experiences or point of view of the guests.  Some names may be omitted for privacy.

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