DeAndre Hopkins, Jalen Ramsey, and the other top trade candidates of the 2023 NFL offseason; Plus, the bizarre disavowals of interest in Lamar Jackson

The Athletic Football Show: A show about the NFL

Mar 9 2023 • 1 hr 18 mins

Two of the biggest acquisitions last March—Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill—weren't free agent signings, but trades. Which veterans could get moved during this offseason's free agent frenzy? Robert Mays and Nate Tice discuss nearly 20 such guys on this episode of The Athletic Football Show. First, though, they consider some of the fallout from the Lamar Jackson and Daniel Jones moves now that we have more information. Follow Robert on Twitter: @robertmays Follow Nate on Twitter: @Nate_Tice Subscribe to The Athletic Football Show... Apple Spotify YouTube Today's show is brought to you by... Atlassian: For projects impossible alone, visit Philo: Sign up today at and use promo code MAYS to get 50% off your first month 2:31 Really? No one wants Lamar Jackson? Really? 16:22 More details on the Daniel Jones contract 31:57 Veteran trade candidates, starting with DeAndre Hopkins 37:51 Jalen Ramsey 44:15 Mike Evans and Chris Godwin 48:07 Brandin Cooks 51:28 Laremy Tunsil 53:50 Tyron Smith 56:07 Derrick Henry 58:41 Chargers veterans on defense 62:11 Za'Darius Smith 65:02 Interior defensive linemen 74:38 Nate's guys! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit