The 10 mistakes teams make in free agency; Plus, breaking Geno Smith news!

The Athletic Football Show: A show about the NFL

Mar 7 2023 • 1 hr 11 mins

Being tempted by the win-with QBs. Trying to fit square pegs into round holes. Falling in love with one-year wonders. Those are just three mistakes that teams routinely make in free agency. Robert Mays and Nate Tice dive into those and seven more as we kick off free agency preview week on The Athletic Football Show. Plus, the guys jump back on the mics right after wrapping up the show to tackle the breaking Geno Smith news. Follow Robert on Twitter: @robertmays Follow Nate on Twitter: @Nate_Tice Subscribe to The Athletic Football Show... Apple Spotify YouTube Today's show is brought to you by... Atlassian: For projects impossible alone, visit Philo: Sign up today at and use promo code MAYS to get 50% off your first month 2:00 Geno Smith, Seahawks agree to three-year deal 15:26 Don't be tempted by 'win-with' QBs 24:41 Square pegs/round holes 35:07 Avoid the top of the cornerback market 40:59 If a near-30 player just had his worst season, believe him 43:44 Think smaller at tight end 48:15 Remember, you're buying snaps 55:42 Injured players stay injured 62:25 You aren't special...that big deal for an off-ball LB isn't going to work for you, either 65:40 Beware the name brands 68:15 Beware the one-year wonder Learn more about your ad choices. Visit