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Jennifer Myers

Learn secrets to real estate success you won't hear anywhere else. Through mini-masterclasses and step-by-step how-to guides, each episode is designed to hep you take confident action to create a sustainable, hugely profitable and wildly successful real estate business, full of clients that want to work with you (and only you). Your instructor, Jennifer Myers, went from not being able to sell even one house her first two years as a real estate agent, to becoming one of the top 1% of real estate agents in the US named by Real Trends and featured in the Wall Street Journal. She was also named Buyer Agent of the Year by Realtor Magazine, won every top producer award in her very completive Washington, DC area, was the top producing agent at every company she was part of before starting her own brokerage and even was invited to be a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and is a contributor for Now, through this podcast and, she's sharing the same modern marketing and business strategies she used to succeed with you (most of which she learned from looking outside the real estate industry). No fluff, no theory, no outdated sales techniques, or paying for leads, just the exact steps to get you the real estate business you’ve always wanted and the life outside your business you’ve wanted too. read less

7 Steps To Having The Real Estate Business You Want (And Anything Else You Want Too)
7 Steps To Having The Real Estate Business You Want (And Anything Else You Want Too)
When you think about having the real estate business and life outside your business you’ve always wanted what comes to mind? For most of us, there is a moment of dreaming big followed at some point by a thought like, “I’ll never be able to have that.” Or, something along the lines of “Sounds great, but I have no idea how to make that happen.” Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we think we can’t have what we want, or that what we want is somehow an impossibility for us? That what we want and our ability to actually have it are not equal? Life is too short not to have it be exactly the way we want it to be.  Like, why can’t you be a successful real estate agent and have a great life too?   Make good money and have some free time to enjoy it…that doesn’t seem like an impossible dream to me. It’s not asking for too much out of life, yet so many agents I talk to think a life like this is not in the cards for them.   Once you realize what you reallllllly want in life and how you’ve been holding yourself back, it can bring up a lot of emotions–sadness, anger, frustration, and after all that comes hope and then finally the thing that matters most–action.   In today’s workshop-style episode of Confessions of A Top Producing Real Estate Agent, I’m walking you through a 7-step process so you can make whatever you want happen.   And, because as Lee Iacocca said, “The disciple of writing something down is the first step to making it happen,” I’m also giving you a free workbook for you to use as I walk you through the 7 Steps to Get Anything You Want.   Get The 7 Steps To Having Anything You Want Workbook Here Having anything you want is not a catch phrase and it’s not too good to be true.  It’s something each one of us is capable of, but only if we remove what’s in the way.  This 7 step process will help you do that. Let this be the year you say I will _________________________ and then truly go for it like it’s going to happen.   Don’t just wait and see what happens, decide and then commit to make it happen.   ​​Not in a stressful way, but in a “I’m worthy and capable” kind of way.   Because you are. 💖 To your success, Jennifer Click here for the shownotes and transcript of this episode. Click here to get the workbook mentioned in this episode. If you're ready to make 6 or even 7-figures in your real estate business AND have time for a life, without needing a team to do it, learn how here.