3. I Am the Wolf

Cover Story

Dec 14 2021 • 52 mins

We cross through the portal to the underground where “Susan” goes through the training to become a psychedelic therapist. Her mentor Eyal crosses way too many boundaries. (Is he the wolf?). And we finally meet Francoise Bourzat, honey-voiced trainer of trainers. In an earlier version of episode 3, we misidentified Eyal Goren as a “licensed therapist.” He became a licensed therapist in the State of California in November of 2019. When "Susan" became his client, he was still registered as an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist. We’ve updated the episode to correct the mistake. Credits Cover Story is a production of New York magazine. Power Trip is co-created, produced and reported by David Nickles and Lily Kay Ross. Hosted and produced by iO Tillett Wright. Senior producers are Marianne McCune and Whitney Jones. Also produced by Tarkor Zehn and Liza Yeager. Executive producer and editor is Hanna Rosin. Music by Lynx DeMuth and John Ellis. Cover Story’s Theme music by Santigold. Sound design and engineering by Mike Cruz and Sharif Youssef. Fact-checking by Britina Cheng and Ted Hart. Crystal Finn is the voice of Susan. Special thanks to legal minds Elissa Cohen and Samantha Mason. And also to Isabel Dahn and James Kent. Power Trip is also produced with Psymposia, a non-profit watchdog group. For a deeper dive into some of these issues visit psymposia.com/powertrip. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices